Brooklands Aircraft Factory, Brooklands Museum

Surrey, England

Housed in a restored WWII Bellman Hanger, the Brooklands Aircraft Factory at the Brooklands Museum highlights the site’s history and continuing legacy as a center of innovation in flight and aviation. The new interior of the hanger has been designed as an “Aircraft Factory,” harking back to the hangar’s original use as a manufacturing building. Exhibitions explore the history of aircraft manufacture, from the pioneering early planes of wood and fabric to the supersonic airliner Concorde and the technologies of the future.

The “Factory Floor” draws on an authentic factory atmosphere and focuses on the techniques employed in the manufacture of aircraft. The “Design Office,” located on a new mezzanine overlooking the Factory Floor, showcases design, prototyping, and the breakthroughs in flight technology that have been made on the site.

A new “Flight Shed” houses working aircraft and has direct access to the site’s open-air demonstration spaces. Hands-on activities and live demonstrations create a unique learning experience by enabling visitors to try out aircraft-building and design skills for themselves.


2,400 square metres

  • Arts Fund Prize “Museum of the Year" Shortlisted, 

  • Museums and Heritage Award, Best Permanent Exhibition,

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