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AT&T Executive Briefing Center

Dallas, Texas

AT&T Executive Briefing Center 1

The AT&T Executive Briefing Center is the flagship customer hub for the world’s largest telecommunications company. Created as a forum to strengthen executive relationships, the 26,000 square foot center features three briefing rooms, two private dining rooms, a digital hub, a media gallery, and drop-in offices—balancing open space for collaboration with privacy for in-depth discussions.

AT&T Executive Briefing Center 3
AT&T Executive Briefing Center 3

The Executive Briefing Center design leverages the corporation’s branded environment guidelines, architecture, graphics, digital media assets, integrated leading-edge technologies, and software-driven multimedia systems to fulfill its goal: to bring the company’s services to life. The experience starts with the most complex piece of technology in the building, the Cube, which stands in the center of the gallery. The digital canvas comprises four sides of ceiling-to-floor, high-definition 8K screens that are controlled via a mobile application. Each side of the Cube offers customers different insights.

AT&T Executive Briefing Center 4

Customers can break out and learn more from the ten interactive totems loaded with additional information, including videos of local leaders discussing relevant issues. They can also venture to one of four-double sided pillars or the center’s interactive table to scroll through further content.

AT&T Executive Briefing Center 6
AT&T Executive Briefing Center 6

RAA led the planning and design of all aspects of the Executive Briefing Center. To ensure all aspects of the project aligned with AT&T core brand concepts, RAA’s scope specifically included spatial and experiential planning, exhibit and media design, content development, art direction, and executive media production.

Size 26,000 square feet

Year 2015

AT&T Executive Briefing Center 7

Photography ©Jeff Scroggins