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BCG Wall of History, Boston Consulting Group’s 50th Anniversary Celebration

Boston, Massachusetts

Boston Consulting Group is a global management consulting firm. On its 50th anniversary, BCG held its Worldwide Officers Meeting in Boston in 2013. RAA was asked to create an engaging multimedia 30-foot Wall of History. This would convey the transition from BCG as a boutique agency from the mid 1960s to a full-service major worldwide consultancy, while showing the key elements and through-lines of its founding culture.

The eight-foot-high Wall of History was made of glass with steel finishes, and internally illuminated. Eighty individual glass plaques, each one commemorating a highlight event, created a glowing surface studded with color, photography, and multimedia clips.

The freestanding, two-sided Wall of History became a central icon around which attendees at the anniversary meeting could gather and socialize. At the conclusion of the conference, each plaque was removed, set into a stainless steel stand, packaged in a custom-made box, and sent to one of BCG’s 80 worldwide offices to be displayed. In this way, the Wall of History and its commemoration of BCG’s anniversary lives on around the world.

Size 32 square feet

Year 2013