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Habitat Museum

Kuwait City, Kuwait

The Habitat Museum, the first of its kind in Kuwait, showcases the unique beauty of the nation’s flora and fauna. It aims to promote environmental conservation and educate the public on the effects of environmental degradation and the importance of habitat protection. It is a learning experience for Kuwaitis young and old, and a destination for school groups.

The Habitat Museum inspires in Kuwaitis a renewed respect for their homeland by fostering public appreciation of the nation’s natural surroundings, ranging from desert plains to salt marshes. Visitors are introduced to the vital role plants play in habitats, learn about the latest Kuwaiti scientific research, and meet the country’s diverse bird life, all while engaging in hands-on discovery.

The Habitat Museum uses innovative media and interactive techniques to reveal the rich diversity of life that calls Kuwait home. Large-scale panoramic video, soundscapes, and interactive media programs immerse visitors in Kuwait’s varied habitats. Visitors explore these environments by using a “Seed Ticket,” which contains a seed of a native plant that can be used throughout the museum to reveal more information. Exhibition text is displayed in Arabic and English and explores topics such as habitat protection, forces of nature, birds and migration routes, and environmental stewardship. Overall, the Habitat Museum is a place to stimulate discussion about environmental issues and encourage Kuwaitis to become active participants in the effort to protect Kuwait’s habitats.

The Museum will serve as a vital force in science education in Kuwait, encouraging a new generation to actively protect their homeland and preserve it for the future.

Size 25,212 square feet

Year 2016

Photography Niccolo Guasti