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Intelligence Factory

Bletchley Park, England

Bletchley Park is the historic home of Britain’s remarkable WWII codebreakers. RAA was asked to create the site’s largest exhibition, The Intelligence Factory, on the actual site in Block A where the codebreaking occurred.

The exhibition documents how its potential as an intelligence organization was unleashed in the second half of the war as it rapidly expanded its workforce to 9,000 workers. Their challenge was to convert a mountain of intercepted enemy communications into actionable intelligence that would prove critical in the war. Bletchley Park’s impact came from the combined work of thousands of people, mainly women, doing a wide range of tasks that went well beyond codebreaking. It meant analyzing enemy messages, rather than just decoding and reading them.

RAA’s design activates Block A, bringing stories of the crucial activity that happened here to life, from tracking Allied and enemy vessels, to handling vast quantities of information and recruiting, feeding, and housing thousands of staff. Visitors can view Bletchley Park through multiple lenses – from intimate portraits of staff, to the day-to-day operations of whole teams, to the challenges involved in keeping Bletchley’s entire operation afloat. Snapshots of the present day reveal Bletchley Park’s enduring relevance and legacy, from tackling cybercrime to supplying intelligence to soldiers in the field today.

New Scientist magazine called the exhibition “moving and inspiring.”

Size 6,674 square-foot

Year 2022

Project Details

Fit-Out ContractorMarcon

Linear Media Design & ProductionElbow

Interactive Media Design & ProductionAy-Pe

Audiovisual HardwareSysco

Lighting DesignMichael Grubb Studios

Showcase ManufacturerFlorea

Graphics FabricatorLeach

Sound Design and Audio ProductionCoda to Coda

Mechanical InteractivesUnusual Projects

Principal Designer / CDMFraser Randall

Photography Andrew Lee