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Museo Nacional de Energía y Tecnología (MUNET)

Ciudad de Mexico, Mexico

The Museo Nacional de Energía y Tecnología (MUNET) will be a world-class destination that will educate and entertain, drawing the people of Mexico—especially its youth—and international tourists. Located on the site of the former Museo Tecnológico de la Comisión Federal de la Electricidad (CFE) in Mexico City’s celebrated Bosque de Chapultepec, this attraction will become the pre-eminent place to learn about the current state of national and global energy resources, the latest energy technologies, and careers.

Visitors to MUNET will come away appreciating Mexico’s role as a leader in energy production and the importance of energy in their everyday lives. Cutting-edge exhibits, from problem-solving physical interactives and simulation games to multimedia programs and immersive environments, will educate visitors about the science and technology of various energy sources.

Custom-made models and animations will allow visitors to see phenomena that are normally invisible to the human eye. Technologies used by energy companies will be on display, including 3D seismography software, live satellite imagery of the earth, solar panels, wind turbines, and smart grid technology. A centrally located atrium with an installation dedicated to sustainability will serve as a welcoming gathering place that celebrates the intersection of Mexico’s talented people, diverse energy resources, and rich culture.

Size 43,055 square feet

Year 2024

Architect TEN Arquitectos