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Museum of Viking Age (2027)

Oslo, Norway

RAA has been appointed to carry out the design and realization of the permanent exhibitions for the world’s largest museum dedicated to the Viking Era. Located on Oslo’s Bygdøy peninsula, the new 140,000 square foot museum will be housed in an expansion of the original historic Viking Ship Museum, which was completed by Arnstein Arneberg in 1926 and expanded by AART Architects.

The new museum will be owned and operated by the University of Oslo and will form part of the Museum of Cultural History. It features the world’s three best-preserved Viking ships: the Oseberg, the Gokstad, and the Tune. Each of these remarkable multi-faceted artifacts, along with more than 8,000 other objects, speaks volumes about the people who made and used them over one thousand years ago.

Within the 60,000 square foot permanent exhibit, RAA aims to bring the archeological evidence and scientific findings to life through immersive storytelling and a variety of narrative voices. Visitors will hear interwoven stories of travelers, traders, warriors, carpenters, builders, weavers, seers, fishermen and sailors. The exhibition will also be present-focused, showcasing ongoing, groundbreaking discoveries being made about the era by archeologists and other scientists.

In addition to a tripling the exhibition area, the new museum facility will include a restaurant, lecture hall, museum shop, museum park, a separate area for visiting schoolchildren, a laboratory with access for the public, and a research center. Once open, the new museum is expected to host over a million visitors each year, by far the largest number for any Norwegian museum.

Size 60,000 square feet

Year 2027

Architect AART Architects

Project Details

Media Design and ProductionTamschick Media+Space

Light DesignBelzner-Holmes

Media HardwareMedienprojekt P2