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Walmart Museum

Bentonville, Arkansas

Walmart Museum Exterior
The Walmart Museum

The Walmart Museum in Bentonville, Arkansas, is dedicated to the world’s largest company by revenue and its founder, Sam Walton. Its goal is to showcase the surprisingly local roots of the ubiquitious retail corporation.

The Walmart Museum_9

RAA was asked to create a museum experience in the original five-and-dime store that Sam Walton opened in Bentonville’s town square in 1950. It was to be an informative time capsule, and one that would embody the everyday pleasures and humble accessibility associated with Sam Walton himself.

The Walmart Museum_4
The Walmart Museum_4

The design blends historic details of the original store with video and audio clips of the company’s history. The store’s original tile flooring, his iconic Ford pickup truck, and a re-installation of his wood-paneled office are all part of the exhibition. Interactives address the company’s influence in America and around the world.

The Walmart Museum_5
The Walmart Museum_8
The Walmart Museum_8

The Museum includes a working five-and-dime store, complete with vintage toys, games, and candies. It also features an orientation theater, an interactive timeline, and a retro-styled soda fountain.

Size 6,000 Square Feet

Year 2011

The Walmart Museum_7